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Premium Reporting Packages Specifically Configured to Work With Your Back-Office System
   Agency Views is an easy-to-use “add on” to TRAMS and ALPHA Accounting systems.

  It is a reporting tool designed to seamlessly integrate information from your accounting system to a simple menu-driven list of reports.

  Agency Views provides you with enhanced versions of many travel industry reports, including Fare Savings, Air/Car/Hotel Activity and Traveler Detail.   Agency Views also provides you with additional critical reports directly from TRAMS or ALPHA.   We have taken the best agency back office software and made it even better!!

Agency Views offers you:
   • Corporate reports designed around industry standards, but
      enhanced to provide your clients the detailed travel and accounting information they need
   • Agent sales and commission reports
   • Vendor reports designed to give you valuable sales and marketing information
   • Air, Car, Hotel, Cruise and Tour specific reports
   • Customized reports tailor-made for you and your clients
   • Client access to their travel information

   You can master Agency Views within minutes!   Reports are simple and easy to run.   If you ever tried to run a system that was too complex, you probably avoided it.   With Agency Views, reporting becomes effortless.

  Agency Views began with one Travel Agency who could not get the information they needed to effectively manage their business.   They guessed.   They hoped.   They just didn’t know.   Now they know their business and their clients better than ever.

  Thanks to Agency Views.
For more information, or to schedule a demo, call Patrick McIntyre at 888.827.0072 or send an email at Patrick.McIntyre@MRTGrp.com.

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